SD card preparation

First we need to prepare the SD card for OS image burning.

Please follow the below steps:

      1.   Insert SD card into card reader. For this procedure, I used a Micro SD card 16G. Note that if you previously used the card for another Raspberry installation, the real capacity of the card is wrong reported by Win OS.


Note that even formatting the card using Windows utility, the result will not be as expected.

      2.   Erase the card using "Windows Disk Management".

      -   Right click on "My Computer" and then, click on "Manage". On the new opened window, click on "Disk Management". Then, click on the card to select it's partitions.


      -   As you can see, there are two partitons on the card, one visible from Windows, and a second one which actually has the missing capacity of the card.
Right click on each of them, then "Delete Volume", press "Yes" on the warning message.



      -   After you deleted both partitions, you'll notice that your card has only unallocated space, showing the real capacity. Right click on it and then create a new volume by clicking "New Simple Volume".


On the next 3 pop-up windows, just click "Next". On the fourth one, make sure the File System is FAT32, then click "Next" , then "Finish".

      -   Open Window Explorer and check if the card reports the real size and file format.


Now, you SD card is ready for the next step, Raspberry Pi OS installation.

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