OS Image etching

This part explains how to etche the OS image on the SD card.
Please follow the below steps:
      1.   Insert the previously prepared SD card into card reader.

      2.   Unzip the downloaded OS image SD card into card reader.

      3.   Start Balena Etcher software.


      4.   Click on"Select image" and browse for unzipped .iso file. Select the file and then click "Open".


      5.   Verify if yor card is selected on "Card selection" tab. Note that if you have anoter cards/USB memory insterted, the auto selection might be wrong.


      6.   To change the target or to make sure the target is the desired one, click on Change and verify/change the target card. Then press "Continue"


      7.   Press "Flash!" to start the process.


The software shows an output like in the below image:


      8.   Once the process is done succesfully, the below message appears:


Now, the OS is succesfully installed on your SD care, so we'll proceed to the next step.

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